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    Annual Events:
    · Ben Carson Reading Day – The Carson Scholars Foundation generously donated the funds to create a Ben Carson Reading Room in our center. Each year, the Foundation adds to our library with a book often read by Dr. Carson via video. Children in our community celebrate the day with this reading and then with exercises and activities to cement the themes of the day. Each child leaves with books for their home library, a new library card, and other assorted educational gifts.
    · Dr. J Biddy-Ball Basketball Tournament – Each April, teen basketball teams from Hempstead, New York stop in to the Kroc to take on two of our local teen teams. Dr. J has a long history with The Salvation Army and with Coach Don Ryan from Hempstead, so he visits and gives the games an added lift of excitement. Past guests have also included Ryan Cameron as our in-game announcer, and various retired NBA players.
    · Ryan Cameron Anti-Bullying/Teen Safe Driving Forum – For the past four years, the Kroc has hosted this forum dedicated to ending bullying and encouraging teens to drive safely. Teens and their parents from all over the city come to take workshops that include driving simulators, discussions about positive police interactions and ending bullying. Prizes are distributed to winners of the annual art contest supporting these themes.
    · Kroctoberfest – This night of fun, games, costume and candy comes in the fall where we open the doors to everyone in the community to come fellowship. Children are encouraged to wear costumes (no scary costumes please).
    · Reaching Out to Read – Reaching Out To Read is a series of literary special events from the Family Literacy Program and the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System. These events consist of theme-based read-aloud and literacy activities for the entire family. Storytelling opportunities available.

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