IHQ – International Headquarters in London, England
NHQ – National Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
THQ – Territory Headquarters – For the 15 Southern States plus D.C., THQ is located in Atlanta, GA.  This area is called the Southern Territory.
DHQ – Divisional Headquarters – For the Southern Territory, 15 states plus D.C. are grouped into 9 Divisions, each Division with a Divisional Headquarters
ARC – Adult Rehabilitation Center – ARC’s are residential alcohol and drug rehab centers funded by the Thrift Stores.
TSA – The Salvation Army – located in 130 countries.
DFB – Divisional Finance Board
TFC – Territory Finance Council
TPC – Territory Program Council or Territory Property Council
CC – Commissioners Conference
PC – Program Conference
BC – Business Conference
TMS – Territory Music Secretary
TYS – Territory Youth Secretary
AC – Area Command – An area within a Division that has several Salvation Army units such Corps, Shelters, a Kroc Center
Soldier – Congregational member of The Salvation Army
Cadet – Officer in training.  In the Southern Territory, a Cadet attendance the Evangeline Booth College (EBC)
Cartridges – Church offering or tithe
Holiness Meeting – Sunday worship service
Corps – A congregation of The Salvation Army
Auxiliary – A Women’s network that supports and promotes The Salvation Army mission
Advisory Board – A group of people in the area that advise the local Salvation Army
Promotion to Glory – A term used for someone who has passed away

Kroc South Important Terms

KPI’s Key Performance Indicators.  Financial KPI’s include such things average cost/square foot to operate a Kroc Center, percent of endowment to cost that is healthy, percent of membership income and percent of programming fees to cost.
Kroc Endowment Made up of two parts for each Kroc Center – locally raised matching amount and amount from Joan Kroc estate. Roughly 5% is received per year from earnings and covers about 50% of local units annual expenses.
National Kroc Conference Held every two years for all 26 Kroc Centers. The host Territory rotates Western, Central, Eastern, Southern.  The Eastern Territory will host in Sept. 2019
THQ Kroc Leadership Gathering Held annually in at THQ for gathering of 7 Southern Territory Kroc Centers, DHQ reps, and THQ 
Capital Renewal Plan (CRP) The Southern Territory’s Kroc Center CRP is intended to assist in the funding for the replacement of major Kroc Center facility finishes and systems.  A capital renewal reserve was established for this purpose and will be a funding source for capital systems and finishes replacement on the list of finishes and systems included in the Capital Renewal Plan.  The THQ Property Department oversees periodic facility inspections, Archibus Facility Management software monitoring, and evaluation of requests for replacement funding.
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